What’s This?

If you check the top of the screen you’re going to find a set of photos*. On the right is a picture of the Lakeland Local volunteers from 2008. The two photos on the left are most, but not all, of the volunteers as I write this post. (20 minutes before I have to reenable the site.)

I emphasize volunteers because everyone you see pictured (and a few who couldn’t make picture day) volunteer their time and talents. Some are trained journalists using their expertise to report on politics and more. Others are subject matter experts writing for a general audience.

The writers are the key component of Lakeland Local. Today we’re debuting many new columns and more will follow tomorrow. Lakeland Local will publish Monday through Friday and take weekends off to recharge.

We’ll still give you breaking news through Twitter and, well, I’ll tell you about that and other changes tomorrow….

* Moved already. Overturn is fast here.