What is going on here?!

Lakeland Local is in the early stages of Year Five as an all-volunteer local news operation.

In the next 10 days we’re going to jack-up the site and replace the undercarriage, put in a new engine, and sand & repaint the exterior.

And maybe just toss out the body for a new one. Who knows?

Well, I do, but I’m not sharing. Yet.

Enjoy our little dig at Facebook while we work on our new look.

LakelandLocal.com Model 5SE will roll off the assembly line November 15th.

Chuck Welch

(Sorry about all the auto wordplay. I’m still bummed I missed the Lake Mirror Classic.)

One thought on “What is going on here?!

  1. Looking forward to the roll out. Sad you missed the Lake Mirror Classic. The cars rocked and the weather was spectacular.

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