Well, That’s One Way to Resolve the HSR Station Fight

The great Jon Mica, R-CSX, wants to restrict the High Speed Rail project along I-4 just to Orlando. Shocking. But elections have consequences. You elect corporate, regionally-biased cronies, that’s what you get. Vote conservative. Woo hoo.

Right-Wing Republicans vs. Corporate Democrats vs. Progressive PopulistsIt is awfully funny to think that Jon Mica might cost Handout City its remote lot for Legoland.

I have no idea how this will play out, or if Mica has the juice or legal authority to make it happen. But it could pose an intriguing question of power. J.D. Alexander and Mica owe each other quite a bit for the CSX deal. The J.D. cabal wants that station at USFP pretty intensely, as I understand it. Will this put them in conflict?

Tune in for further episodes of, “As Corporate Socialism Turns.”

Creative Commons License photo credit: Truthout.org

9 thoughts on “Well, That’s One Way to Resolve the HSR Station Fight

  1. Lay down with dogs and get up with fleas.
    I think Gow Fields is also culpable for this mess.
    But it’s not like the voters didn’t have a chance at an insight into his character..

    Ex-Youth Leader Gets 25 Years
    Former minister Derrick Moseley impregnated a 13-year-old.
    “Former youth leader and minister Derrick Moseley acknowledged Friday at his sentencing that he deserved to be punished for impregnating a 13-year-old girl who took part in church slumber parties at his home.”

    “When dealing with young girls, there are a lot of things you can be accused of,”FIELDS said. “Often, girls will offer themselves to older men.”

    -a non-butt-kissing retiree of the notorious sex-offender-accomodating-city-of-Lakeland.

  2. Just accurately describing the way Lakeland is run , Chuck.
    (Btw- did you note that the story about the LPD dropping the ball on the
    Varnum case before she died was broke by ABC news. Seems like some news in Polk is tightly controlled , until or unless it breaks elsewhere.)

  3. It’s not accurate or logical to state how the entire city is run based on a single incident.

    It’s also not accurate to say ABC led LPD to Demarsh. You’ll note ABC quotes law enforcement officials as looking for Varnum’s boyfriend:


    “Law enforcement officials say Lakeland police as looking for this man….”

    Most likely an officer in another jurisdiction let ABC know about LPD’s warrant for Monday Demarsh.

    It was issued before the report:


  4. I wasn’t referring to the arrest , Chuck , but to this :

    (Details like these are often reported elsewhere first , if at all…)

    “He threathened to kill her in front of me as the cops were on their way here. He said to her ‘If you call the cops I’ll kill you,'” said May.

    May claims she tried to tell Lakeland Police, who according to official records, were called twice to the residence on October 12.

    “I told them what he said in front of me and I begged them to take him to jail. I said if they didn’t, something bad was going to happen,” said May.

    Demarsh was not arrested and Ginny was never seen again.”

    (And there is much about the corruption in local government that the big shots don’t want people thinking about , the following linked thread describing some of it : http://www.bullshit.com/showthread.php?6941-Revealing-local-political-facts-about-polk-county-and-lakeland-florida )

  5. I think you mean this link:


    That’s an interview with a neighbor and standard reporting. In the current news gathering environment, I don’t doubt some mainstream media will allocate resources differently than others.

    The truth is someone is always “first” to publish, Is your beef with the Ledger for not being “first?”

    The link is to your page on local politics. I’ve seen it before and suggest a timeline and synopsis would greatly serve the reader.

  6. My main point here , now , is to show why i think Gow Fields should not be trusted or whitewashed in the ongoing Polk high-speed rail stop controversy. The local politics thread , imo , more than corroborates and substantiates that , and other opinions critical of Mr. Fields and his “peer group.”

  7. This is simply pathetic! It amazes me that Mica has so much interest in HSR for Orlando when he was never a proponent of HSR to begin with. The only reason he supported it last year was because Sunrail/HSR could not be approved without each other. Now, he wants to run a high speed line from OIA to Disney. Laughable!

    No wonder people continually poke fun at the state of Florida.

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