More Layoffs at the Ledger

DSCF5570I’ve received numerous calls, tweets and questions about today’s layoffs at the Ledger. At this time, the paper has not reported the news. I’ve heard some names and a few details, but without official confirmation anything I post would be hearsay.

That said, I respect the work and the people who were given the news today. Most were informed that their positions would be terminated. While a businessperson might say there is no good time to lay off an employee, I believe a week before Thanksgiving is horrible timing. I can’t imagine how an extra 10 days would have caused irreparable harm to the Ledger.

The Ledger will continue to print after these layoffs. The staff remaining will work hard to pull the extra load. But the residents and readers of Lakeland will miss the talents of those who are leaving. I wish them a quick return to the field or a quick entry into another career.

Update (10 pm): “The Ledger Media Group is laying off 20 employees and cutting eight open positions, Publisher Jerome Ferson announced Thursday.

Update (Friday): The Ledger moved the article. Too typical behavior.

3 thoughts on “More Layoffs at the Ledger

  1. Hmmmm, take a newspaper with falling readership because of the low quality of it’s product (Where’s the investigative reporting? Why no real Business Section in this time near depression when business/jobs top everyone’s interest? Etc.) — mix liberally with knee jerk reactions to lay off staff thereby reducing the product quality yet more? What a plan!

    This looks like a classic business plan for making a newspaper irrelevant and assuring reduced subscriptions to the point that even long-time faithful readers will find it hard to stay on board.

    I suppose it’ll be a big surprise to management when profits continue to decline and the paper finally closes. Oh well, someone will get a helluva deal on some prime real estate across from the Lakeland Center in this market.

    The shame is that Polk County badly needs a viable, aggressive press to inform the public and balance the “good ol’ boy” governments that we seem destined to live with. If past is prologue, those with pink slips will probably be the very ones that the Ledger needs most to assure insightful reporting, thoughtful editorial comment, and a quality product. So, not only is the ledger’s current path probably counterproductive from a business standpoint — it ill-serves the community and, ultimately, will caricature the very reasons that we have a free press.

  2. I also truly regret the loss.
    Credibility versus gullibility. News versus “information.”
    Truth has to wait , but will prevail , even if too late for justice.

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