Politics in the Park Pictures

Thursday night, the Lakeland Chamber of Commerce hosted their Annual “Politics in the Park.” The pre-election event brings together Florida state and local candidates. Each candidate is given the opportunity to address the crowd for five minutes and sponsor a booth promoting his or her campaign.

Attendance fell short of the Lake Mirror event held four years ago. Nevertheless, candidates spoke to cheers, smiled and shook hands. Voters had the opportunity to cast ballots in a straw poll and nibble on apple pie.

See who you recognize from the photos below and if you feel brave take a stab at the additional photos from our Politics in the Park Flickr group.









Creative Commons License photo credit: Chuck Welch for Lakeland Local

3 thoughts on “Politics in the Park Pictures

    • Perhaps the lack of attendance reflects the general disgust of the electorate with the barrage of negative advertising and outright lies being thrown around in this campaign – – both about the cadidates and the issues. It’s a real shame that those who would govern us have sunk so low.

  1. Looks like Fred Koehler in the top photo and David Steele in subsequent one.

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