I Have Bought Two Politicians – For Lunch, At Least

Last Friday my Kiwanis Club held its annual peanut auction fundraiser. One of the items up for bid in silent auction was a lunch at the Yacht Club with Adam Putnam and Seth McKeel, after the election. I was fortunate enough to win. Won’t say how much I paid. But I did have competition.

café soloAnyway, it won’t happen for a while. But I’m excited. Now, it stands to reason that when these two public servants offered themselves for charity they did not expect that a mouthy former reporter and current agitator would be their lunch companion. So while I hope that they’ll let me tape and transcribe the conversation, I’ll understand if they don’t want to.

And let me just say, I promise to behave myself.

I’d really like to talk to Adam about the employer model of health care, which I think we both despise, and the future of technocratic conservatism. And I want to talk charter schools with Seth. I have a suggestion for blunting some of the criticism they receive: requiring them to take responsibility for the next year’s test scores of kids who leave the school for whatever reason. A lot of folks out there think some charter schools find creative ways to dump their problem students on traditional schools. One school supposedly dumped more than 100 in a year. I can’t believe this is true. Certainly a culture of achievement would have no problem taking on these kids and staying accountable for them. Anyway, I’d like to hear Seth’s thoughts. (Full disclosure: at one time or another, all of my three children have attended charter or magnet schools. One is currently in an elementary charter.)

Creative Commons License photo credit: Jenny Downing

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