Live Tweets from Today’s City Commission Agenda Study

During each city commission agenda study we tweet important points from the agenda or select comments from the commissioners and staff. We try to link each comment to the appropriate item on the agenda. This week we’re presenting the list of tweets for our readers who don’t follow us on Twitter.

twitterThe following tweets were sent from 10:06am to 11:10am on Friday, July 16th. The tweets are in reverse chronological order.

Commissioners discuss monetary aspects of using free outside groups to help defend prayer lawsuit vs. hiring outside attorneys. #lkld

City Attorney mentions that outside groups have offered to help city defend against prayer lawsuit. #lkld

City Attorney explaining legal aspects of invocations, city ordinances, & “separation of church & state.” #lkld

City Atty re: lawsuit to stop prayers at city commission mtgs. City Atty states: “No real surprises, at least legally” in the suit #lkld

Public Works would like to reduce parking rate on Main St. Parking Garage rooftop from $70 to $35 #lkld

First reading of ord re: electric rates: & Smart Grid (not yet available) “$.14 a megawatt & takes 70 pgs to say it.”

The City Mgr is spending a lot of time finding a mtg time that accommodates all commissioners. There are tech solutions for this. #justsayin

City staff recommend purchase of a temp structure to accommodate Sky King at Lakeland Linder: Approx. Cost: $84,350

City staff have chosen a provider to replace playground equipment at Simpson Park at a cost of approx. $94,000:

LPD Chief Boatner reminds the commissioners that homeless sleeping outside are more vulnerable to crime. #lkld

City Atty said the proposed ordinance “beefs-up” a current ordinance & gives LPD a “tool” to use, but isn’t an effort to “sweep” homeless.

City Atty reminds commissioners that on Monday the camping ordinance can be voted on or continued. #lkld

Mayor Fields ask providers if they could give input before Monday on how to solve “camping issue” #lkld (ord: )

Salvation Army rep asks that the commissioners wait until after the Aug mtg before adopting ordinance:

Mayor mentions that the Mayor’s Task Force on Homelessness will reconvene in Thu Aug. 26th at 9am at LPD

Lighthouse rep reminds the commissioners that moving homeless issue doesn’t address solving homeless issue:

Lighthouse Ministry also supports the ordinance, but wishes the city would have involved providers when drafting:

Salvation Army, not against ordinance, is asking specific questions about zoning aspects as they relate to churches.

Talbot House is suggesting for a 30-day warning period for the enforcement of to help relocate those affected.

Talbot House, Salvation Army, are addressing the commissioners on how the ordinance will affect their work.

This is the ordinance that will affect the homeless in Lakeland: | LPD will have a presentation on reg mtg Mon.

Commissioner Troller wants the official record to reflect his opinion re: how the city charges rent to the Lkld Chamber. Will discuss Mon.

Here’s the pdf of today’s #lkld city commission agenda:

The #lkld agenda study is starting. the primary story today will be an ordinance concerning the homeless…that doesn’t mention “homeless.”