Lakeland eTown Hall Meeting Tonight

Lakeland Local will televise tonight’s City of Lakeland eTown Hall Meeting. Through the Net and on TV, the city is hoping to attract viewers who aren’t usually able to make Commission meetings downtown at City Hall.

City Hall Meeting RoomThe Web-based town hall meeting is tonight from 6 pm to 8:30 pm. The first 30 minutes will feature highlights from the 2011 budget. City staff and commissioners will answer questions from the public for the final two hours.

You can view the event on this page at Lakeland Local, on the Lakeland Government Network (Bright House Networks channel 615 or Verizon FiOS channel 43), or through PGTV (Bright House Networks channel 622 or Comcast Channel 5).

Starting at 10 am today, the city’s website will open to take questions for tonight’s meeting. (Or you can use the window below to submit your question.) During the meeting, the event window below will include a chat window where viewers can ask additional questions or submit comments. In a chat room all comments are immediately visible to all viewers. For tonight’s event, city staff will read all comments, but will publish select comments only at their discretion.

Residents without internet access can use the computers at the Main Library located at 100 Lake Morton Drive until 9 pm. Additional computers are available at the Larry Jackson Branch Library located at 1700 North Florida Avenue until 8 pm and until 7pm at the eLibrary Branch at Lake Miriam Shopping Center 4740 S. Florida Avenue.

Creative Commons License photo illustration credit: Chuck Welch for Lakeland Local