Battling Robots and Baseball

It was a busy Saturday morning for Lakeland Local photographer Tom Hagerty. The baseball fan saw a few old-timers at the Detroit Tigers Baseball Fantasy Camp then he found a few teens battling robots at the University of South Florida Polytechnic’s FIRST Tech Challenge.

Mickey Lolich, Guillermo Hernandez, Steve Kemp, Juan Berenguer, Jon Warden
2010 Jan 30 #32

Dave Rozema salutes as he enters the field
2010 Jan 30 #35 Dave Rozema

See Tom’s full set of photos from the two 2010 Tigers Fantasy Camps.

While the senior set swatted a few balls, some juniors were battling ‘bots…

There are always last minute adjustments before every match
2010 Jan 30 #20

Teams use video game style controllers to run the robots.
2010 Jan 30 #11

There’s a full set of photos from the early battles here.