Yates Over Boedicker

The Lakeland City Commission will have a full lineup as soon as the election is certified. If you follow LakelandLocal on Twitter you saw this tweet a moment after the info was released from the Polk Election Supervisor:
With all 25 precincts, early and absentee votes in, Edie Yates takes the SE District D commission seat over Rusty Boedicker 3852 to 635
Closely followed by:
Earlier we predicted less than 9% turnout. The total was 4489 votes out of 55266 registered voters or 8.1%

On Twitter, we provided the running election tally as reports came in from the precincts. For three elections straight, LakelandLocal.com has made sure our readers received up to the second results. If you don’t follow us on Twitter, you’re missing much of Lakeland’s breaking news.