Reader Request: Walker – Grier Results

A reader requested we publish the November and December results for the Phillip Walker and Clarance Grier, Sr. City Commission race.

• In December, Walker won all save four precincts (117,120,204,205). He picked up the 119 from November, but lost the 120.

• Grier trailed Walker by 1511 votes in November. He picked up 819 votes in December, but Walker added 316 to take Grier by 1008 votes.

• The percentages in December were Walker (45.6), Grier (30.2), and Shirah (24.2). In December, Walker (55.9) and Grier (44.1)

• Grier gained the most ground in Precincts 236 (82 vote turn around), 221 (56 vote turnaround) and 224 (50 vote turnaround)