Pinning Down Randy Wilkinson

Another reason I love County Commissioner Randy Wilkinson is his utter inability to give a one word answer. Now, it’s true, many questions can’t be answered with one word, but this one can: Will you turn down federal government health insurance if you’re elected to Congress?

Here’s how Randy answered that question last week. “If the current system remains in place, I will deny the cadillac health care coverage given to the U.S.Congress.”

Hmmm. Quite a bit of wiggle room there. So let me rephrase. If you win, Randy, the federal government will offer you a number of potential plans. They will also offer you access to socialized care provided by the military. All of this is paid for by me and my family. You, as a good Tea Partying conservative, don’t like it. Thus, will you refuse to accept a federal plan or direct federal care for you and your family? Will you rely on the magic of the private market to provide you with options? This is a yes or no answer, I’m afraid.