Dr. Scissorhands

Dr. Lakhani's ENT JackDoctors are slicing and dicing this morning.

Not at the Lakeland Regional Medical Center. They’re operating for a couple of hours Downtown at the Farmer’s Market.

This isn’t a gruesome Halloween-inspired surgery, but a pumpkin cutting contest to benefit VISTE.

Starting at 9:30 am, area doctors will use their mad medical skills to turn benign gourds into menacing works of art. Sponsored by the Lakeland Downtown Development Authority, the event is spectator friendly. Friends, family, and interested onlookers are encouraged to cheer on their favorite mad doctor. At the end of the contest, the carved pumpkins are auctioned to raise funds for VISTE. The younger fans (3-10) can work on crafts, and everyone can join in the costume contest.

It’s three hours of pumpkin carving madness for a good cause.

•The Particulars

Dr. Scissorhands is 9:30 to Noon, October 31st at the Downtown Farmer’s Market at 200 North Kentucky

Photo (C) 2009 by LDDA