Lost Cat – Purrs Loud – Answers to Sadie


The primary tenet of hyperlocal news is focusing on the needs of your community. The size of “community” is fluid. Hyperlocal sites have low overhead, and are able to survive without shooting for the large audiences mainstream media needs. We actually like our way better.

This is one time we’re going after that wide audience. Take a look at the cat pictured. Print out her photo and post it in the break room. Send a link to your Lakeland friends. Please.

Sadie is a Lakeland cat. She’s missing.

Tuesday, as you get your mail or walk the lake, be on the lookout for this “small, splotchy-mud-colored cat” cat. She’s wandered out a little further than normal and hasn’t made it home for dinner. She might be in the Lake Hunter/Lake Beulah area, or she could be traveling to her old homestead in the South Lake Morton neighborhood.

If you find her, leave a comment here. There’s a young Lakelander who’d be very happy to get Sadie back home.