Launched in its own orbit of convenience

The Southgate Publix opened after the start of the space race. Sputnik 1 had launched only the month before the center’s opening. The Publix advertising copywriters reflected the new fascination with space. Below are two space themed full page ads that ran in the Lakeland Ledger in the days leading up to the launch of “Lakeland’s largest space station.” And for fun, another that used the well-known March Hare, to promote the shopping center.



Your newest shopping satellite, SOUTHGATE SHOPPING CENTER, is surrounded by Lakeland’s largest “space station”…a parking area for over 700 cars! Rotating in their orbit of convenience are 16 stores, all designated to bring you the most pleasurable shopping you’ve ever known. This star-studded center will hold its GRAND OPENING Tuesday, November 19th — starting at 9 a.m. sharp! Set a course to be with us during this gigantic celebration…there’ll be fun for all — don’t miss it!


Perhaps our crazy, mixed-up March Hare believes he is late for his date, but you’ll still have time to plan on attending the fabulous grand opening of another sparkling new PUBLIX. There’ll be special opening surprises, gifts, and marvelous bargains for you at PUBLIX – Southgate…that’s this coming Tuesday, 9 a.m.

We’ll be back to the present later today with a few more sneak peek photos of the rebuilt Publix. (The Ledger’s Michael Wilson also has a few online.)