High Speed Rail Information Meeting

Last week we gave notice of tonight’s meeting regarding High Speed Rail (HSR) through Central Florida. It was exactly as the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) promised:

The meetings will be conducted in an “open house” format with a slide presentation (continuously showing), project materials, and aerial photography available for public review. FDOT staff and their representatives will be available to to answer your questions and discuss changes in the project and environmental impacts that have occurred since the FEIS was published in July 2005.

A few easy to view aerial shots of proposed station placements, helpful FDOT staff milling about able to answer any HSR question. The answer was occassionally “that hasn’t been decided.” And a PowerPoint presentation.

If you’re up on the High Speed Rail proposal, there wasn’t a lot new. It was an opportunity to see the usual suspects in Lakeland and to get face-to-face time with FDOT staff.

The answers to some basic questions:

What will it cost to ride? Who knows? But those making proposals to manage the system estimate $45 for a two-way ticket Orlando to Tampa.

How long is that ride? 44 minutes for the non-stop train 55 minutes for the on that stops in Polk County.

How many trains a day? 12 Non-stop Orlando to Tampa a day. 17 shuttles (shorter trips between stations) a day

Where will it stop in Polk County? That hasn’t been decided. All the stops are on the route. Proposals include at the East End of Polk Parkway, West End of Polk Parkway, Between 98 & Kathleen, East of 98, and West of Kathleen. It has a lot to do with where poeple live and work when the plans are finalized, and where is there a 20acre plot to build the station. Display (Photo by LakelandVision)

If you’re not up on HSR, here are the links to what was on display:


Resource Library

The basic proposed route with current aerial photos (all large PDFs):
Set 1 Tampa Airport to Polk
Set 2 Polk Parkway through Polk
Set 3 Polk County to Central Florida Parkway
Set 4 Central FL Parkway to Orlando Airport

35 page “Executive Summary

The PowerPoint presentation is not yet online, but we’ll link to it as soon as it is available.