USFP Opens the Skies

Those of us old enough to remember music in the 70s can’t help but hear Electric Light Orchestra’s “Mr. Blue Sky” every time we see note of USFP’s Blue Sky Incubator.

However, in Polk County the USFP version may rise to #1 with a bullet*. USFP hopes to bring high tech businesses and jobs to the area with a pair of operations, “The Blue Sky facilities will be the first public business technology incubators in Polk County. They will focus on attracting and nurturing entrepreneurial businesses by creating a place where USF Poly faculty, staff and students can work with businesses to develop innovative technology.”

What is a “business incubator?” Well, USFP has an answer, “Business incubation programs provide entrepreneurs with a guiding hand to help them turn their ideas into viable businesses.” A guiding hand isn’t cash to start your t-shirt silkscreen business. However, if you have an idea how to change waste plastic into eco-friendly t-shirts using nanobots…Blue Sky might have the tools to help you turn that vision into reality.

The University started taking applications this morning. You can find it at USFP Blue Sky. Before you rush to click, check out the eligibility requirements:

For-profit technology corporation
Proprietary technologies preferred
Start-up company, existing small business in a growth phase, existing business launching a new business project, or an international business looking for a soft-landing site
Identifiable reasons to leverage the programs and services of the University of South Florida, USFP Blue Sky program, and community partners
Potential to create a significant economic impact in Central Florida (i.e., high-tech, high-wage job creation)

That seems to rule out not-for-profit local news media operations. I’m off to develop a method to use nanobots to deliver news in your morning espresso.

2 thoughts on “USFP Opens the Skies

  1. We would welcome any nanobot projects. Adding coffee to it makes it a sure winner.

  2. We would welcome any nanobot projects. Adding coffee to it makes it a sure winner.

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