This Week on MetroI4News

Most of the Lakeland Local contributors have moved the majority of their work to

The reason is simple: we’re expanding. At Metro I4 News, we present articles and commentary for the entire Central Florida region.

That doesn’t mean everyone is abandoning Lakeland Local. Just the opposite, as we’re concentrating coverage of Lakeland and adding a few new features over the next few months.

To follow the writers at Mi4, you can add the site to your bookmarks, follow it through your feedreader, and on Twitter.

Highlights this week on Mi4:

Staccaco, the new column by Alex Santiago

Billy Townsend on District 9, and why you’ll like it

Robert Pickering’s guide to the Sunday editorial pages

Chris Craig’s latest Religion in the City column

and Darby Critendon finds who makes mean martinis at Linksters