Have Laptop, Will Travel

For those who may not know, Lakeland Local is not-for-profit. That’s what happens when you don’t see out subscribers or advertisers.

It doesn’t cost as much as putting out main stream media, but I’ve been content to cover the cost of publishing. However, writing for this new media is a solitary life for the most part.

I’ve worked out of my home office since arriving in Lakeland, and frankly, the view has grown stale.

In the past, I’d spend some time drinking tea and eating too much at the local coffee shops and wi-fi hangouts. I’ll do that again, but I had another idea.

Do you have a interesting business, or not-for-profit? Maybe an extra desk? Wi-Fi? I’m looking for the chance to see Lakeland’s business community from the inside.

It’s not coming in to do a tell-all or exposé. More of a “here’s a taste of.” I like featuring Lakeland businesses that way.

Let me borrow a desk. Spend a couple of hours with you and your staff. I’ll write a bit about the work you’re doing for Lakeland. Just drop me a line at office@lakelandlocal.com.

And if anyone has an extra office that’s going to waste…one they don’t mind lending me once a week….I’d be happy to keep it dusted. I need a change.

Seriously, I have memorized the view from this place.