It is a Game for Kids

2009 April 28 #6

I’m watching the loudest Lakeland Flying Tigers game I’ve attended. In the stands are 2000 local elementary students. They’re cheering the team — whether the play was good, bad, or indifferent.

That’s the beauty of minor league baseball. These players are here to develop their skills. Some will toil and move on to new careers. Some will move up and learn how to play in front of 30,000 people. Its not always easy to tell which player will go where.

But for these kids, it doesn’t matter that none of the players have endorsement contracts, signature gloves, or 25 million dollar contracts. They’re at a baseball game. There are plenty of hot dogs, peanuts, and exciting plays. There are umpire calls to boo, and players to cheer.

That’s baseball. And we have a game in Lakeland as exciting as they have in Kansas City, Baltimore or New York. There is one big difference between minor league baseball and MLB. Flying Tiger seats are about $5 a shot while you can pay $2500 a game to watch the Yankees lose.

Creative Commons License photo credit: Tom Hagerty for Lakeland Local