Above the Fold

2009 April 11 #41

To put it simply, I love Tom Hagerty’s photos. He has an eye for faces and angles I’d easily walk past. One of my regrets is that we couldn’t do a better job of promoting Tom’s work. So I decided Tom’s photos of Lakeland needed to be Above the Fold. This is the space to find Tom’s photos of the people and places (but mainly people) of Lakeland. The question each day will be – “Is this your neighbor?”

We previously published Tom’s photos at the top of the site, but they didn’t make into the RSS feeds or archives. Above the Fold photos will also occupy the top of the page, but will flow into our monthly and category archives.

Tom Hagerty’s Week slideshow will continue on Metro I4 News. Many liked the slideshow of Tom’s photos — more photos in one sitting — but most missed the daily dose of Tom’s work. Now you can have both.

Creative Commons License photo credit: Tom Hagerty for Lakeland Local