Red Light Camera Update

The city announced the first five intersections to get red light cameras installed. As predicted, they’re not the intersections with the greatest problems. Due to state laws, the city can install only where there is no state right-of-way. When the cameras were approved by commissioners in early November, the RLC vendor, American Traffic Solutions, was ready to start installations after Christmas. Though ATS will start installing the first cameras next week, a city official said the decision was made to hold enabling the cameras until June 1st. They hope that will the legislature time to pass a law to allow cameras on state right-of-ways.

The June 1st intersections are:

NB Socrum Loop Rd @ E Daughtery Rd / Walt Loop Rd
WB E Daughtery Rd / Walt Loop Rd @ Socrum Loop Rd
SB Socrum Loop Rd @ E Daughtery Rd / Walt Loop Rd
NB Socrum at Old Combee Rd
SB Socrum @ Old Combee Rd
NB N Florida Ave @ Memorial Blvd
NB S Florida Ave @ E Beacon Rd
NB Cleveland Heights Blvd @ E Edgewood Dr
SB Cleveland Heights Blvd @ E Edgewood Dr

We’ve updated our map from October 2008 to include the June 1 locations. (Look for the red exclamation points.)

CommunityWalk Map – Lakeland Red Light Camera Locations

Here are our previous articles on the red light cameras. The Ledger’s Rick Rousos has an article on the latest move.

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  1. Lakeland City is making MILLIONS from these red lights fleecing anybody they can. Typical of politicians – crooked to the core!

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