The Ledger does the right thing…

CSX Railroad Crossing LightsOn this morning I discovered an unexpected gem:

Why aren’t the fiscal conservatives or the fiscally responsible in Tallahassee asking why the state of Florida is paying a national corporation that made a record $2.2 billion profit last year – up 26 percent from the year before, incidentally – so much for a project that some observers say could be done for one-third or less than the current price tag? — State Budget Priorities: Florida Holds Gold Mine for CSX

The Ledger editorial writers understand what so many reporters in Central Florida have missed with their questions about train noise and city versus city squabbles. The CSX deal is corporate welfare at a time when the citizens of this state can not afford to pay for basic services.

I urge you to take the time to pass along The Ledger editorial to your friends and family. Take a moment to explain the history of the commuter project. Remind them this isn’t a deal for a commuter railroad, this is a deal to railroad the commuters.

Creative Commons License photo credit: by Chuck Welch for Lakeland Local

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