PCC Survey on Name Change

Here we go again. First it was USF Lakeland changing to USF Polytechnic. Now that they’re going to offer four year degrees Polk Community College wants to rebrand.

The school has placed a survey online to get the opinions of PCC alumni, students, employees and community members.

Here are your options:

Central Florida State College (CFSC)
Cypress State College (CSC)
Florida Central State College (FCSC)
James K. Polk State College (JKPSC)
Peace River State College (PRSC)
Polk College (PC)
Polk Community State College (PCSC)
Polk County State College (PCSC)
Polk State College (PSC)
Sunshine State College (SSC)

The survey asks that you pick no more than three, but doesn’t give you the chance to rate them. You do have the option to write in a favorite.

I see only one includes “community” and only one lacks “state.” I also note the survey writer made sure to note the initials of the various names. I wonder if they’ve checked which .edu domains are taken?

I can only imagine the John Denver hit, “Sunshine on My Shoulders” would become the school song if the Sunshine State College option is chosen.

Note: Thanks to Darby Critendon for the heads up on the survey.

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