One Last Chance to Mark Up Lakeland

Yes, you too can help steer the community ship. We’re not quite Town Meeting Vermont, but Lakeland Vision has worked hard the past few months to figure out the priorities of Lakeland citizens. On the 12th and 13th Lakeland Vision will give everyone one last chance (and they’re serious) to chose their most pressing of the identified goals and strategies. At 11am on the 12th, the event opens with a ribbon-cutting at the Sorosis Building (streetview) where you can pick your priorities until 7pm or on Tuesday from 7am until 4pm. For more information see Lakeland Vision.

Update: Lakeland Vision has published the draft vision.

Lakeland Vision Press Release

LAKELAND, FL (January 5, 2009) — On Jan. 12 & 13, 2009 Lakeland Vision will host a “Vision Open House” to give community members a final opportunity to literally “make their mark” on Lakeland’s plan for the future. The Vision Open House will take place at The Sorosis Building (90 Lake Morton Dr.), where participants will review, prioritize, and comment on the goals and strategies that make up Lakeland’s road map for the future.

The Vision Open House is open to the public and reservations are not required. Upon arrival each participant will receive five stickers which will be used to designate the five strategies that are most important to him or her. At the close of the Vision Open House the number of stickers next to each strategy will be added up to determine the priorities for the community. “We must listen to the concerns and goals of our citizens and this will be an effective tool for reaching a consensus for prioritizing those concerns and goals,” says City Commissioner Howard Wiggs, Lakeland Vision board member.

Ultimately, the draft vision is the result of the community’s response to a single question that was asked during the September Idea Gathering Meetings: “What can we do to make Lakeland the best that it can be in the coming years?” Organizations such as the City of Lakeland, the Community Foundation of Greater Lakeland, and the Junior League of Greater Lakeland are already preparing to incorporate the vision plan into their organization’s action plans. “The League functions to support the interests of our community, particularly in the areas of early education and literacy. We have been looking forward to seeing the results of Lakeland Vision’s ‘Make Your Mark’ program so we can direct our passion to the most prevalent concerns voiced by community members,” says Stacey McLaughlin, president of the Junior League of Greater Lakeland.

A list of the goals and strategies that will be presented at the Vision Open House, as well as further information about the “Make Your Mark” program can be found at