Using Google Street View for New Home Listings


Now that much of Lakeland is on Google Street View we can play with it a little.

Each week Petra Norris sends us the data for new homes listed for sale. She writes up the report and we make a nice map.

This week I made a second map to test adding Google Street View to the mix. You still can click any point to see extensive information about the home — bedrooms, baths, size, listed price, etc. Now, you can also click the address link to open Google Maps at that address. If you like you can see the latest aerial view of the neighborhood. You can also get directions from your location or click the Street View link to see the house. Actually, you’re seeing the house when Google took the photos — up to 18 months ago. But, it will give you a fair idea of the neighborhood conditions at that time.

CommunityWalk Map – Lakeland FL New Home Listings 12/07 to 12/13

Full size map: Lakeland FL New Home Listings 12/07 to 12/13