Snow Forecast for Saturday

Snow MountainIt’s time again for Snowfest, Lakeland’s reminder to snowbirds why they spend winter in our fair community.

Ok, it’s a big hill of snow where kids love to slip and slide. Both kids who remember snow and kids who wonder why their fingers are blue.

The Pile O’ Snow is returning this Saturday to the Lake Mirror Complex. Well, not inside the complex, but outside near the lake. Come to think of it, I am sure the snow isn’t returning, but will be new snow.

There is no truth they plan to cover up the Tribute to Volunteers.

The Thrill Hill of Frozen Water is open from 10 am to 2 pm on Saturday the 6th. Admission is $1 or a can of food. (We suggest creamed corn.) (We also suggest not waiting until 1:30. There is always a line.) (Speaking of lines, people will start to queue before 10. Trust us.)

There will be inflatables for kids who would prefer to eat their snow cones than climb on them. (Inflatables are those big rooms where kids like to bounce. Not your bedroom.) It’s $1 per inflatable per kid and all those proceeds go to the Polk County Senior Orphans.

If you’ve never witnessed the joy that is children and sliding on snow in 60-plus degree weather, check out Darby Critendon’s six minute video from Snowfest 2007:

Creative Commons License photo credit: by Chuck Welch for Lakeland Local