Let’s Play “Rename The CSX Deal, Win A Prize”

Tracks PinholeThe Orlando Sentinel tells me that the Orlando cabal held a pep rally with some of the Sentinel’s editors and reporters yesterday to talk about their plans for winning approval of state funding for CSX’s Florida business plan, errr, commuter rail.

They seem to have momentum on their side, but it seemed that way last year, too. So we’ll see.

But no matter what happens, this is great: “Central Florida rail backers through MetroPlan Orlando have met privately with their counterparts in Jacksonville, Tampa Bay and South Florida over the last six months to get all four regions on the same page behind Central Florida’s plan.

For starters, expect backers to launch a new marketing campaign for the project dropping the “Central” from Central Florida Commuter Rail and calling it something other than commuter rail.”

Two thoughts:

1) More secrecy. Hmmmm, because, of course, this project has suffered from too much transparency. If any transportation official in any region thinks this plan, as currently constructed, doesn’t delay or drive up the cost any plan they might have, they are fools.

2) They are going to rename it. Hee. But the name can’t have “Central” or “commuter” in it. Hee hee. The cabal doesn’t want anybody to know that the Central Florida Commuter Rail Plan is a Central Florida commuter rail plan. A destructive boondogle/corporate giveaway by any other other name…

Anyway, in the spirit of regional cooperation so on display here, let’s help out our friends from Orlando and have a little fun. Send in your suggestion for a new CSX/Commuter Rail name.

If you don’t want to comment, you can do it by email. Reach me at bitown1@gmail.com. Here’s a couple from me:

“The $1.2 billion state and federal implementation of CSX’s business plan.” – Admittedly, not very catchy or creative.

How about the “John Mica post-Congressional cushy freight rail employment plan?”

All right, smarty pants, see if you can do better. Remember, no “Central,” no “Commuter.” After careful scrutiny, I will select a winner. The lucky submitter gets a used gift card and my appreciation. If that’s not enough, go Blagojevich yourselves.

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