Roar and Soar

2008 Nov 8 #3

Old aircraft, boats, classic cars, radio controlled planes, food, auto slalom races, parachutists, and helicopter simulators.

It might seem like an odd combination of activities, but it works at Roar and Soar. The second annual event takes place this weekend at Fantasy of Flight.

From the moment you park you realize why they have “roar” as the first part of the event title. The putter of biplanes, the vroom of the racing cars, the buzz of the radio controlled planes, and the even the whoosh of the parachutes combine for a cacophony of sounds to attract your attention.

The fun is spread over enough of the grounds that you don’t feel crowded. Each enthusiast can stay close to his or her passion, or wander over to watch something new. Admission includes the opportunity to visit the Fantasy of Flight exhibits.

The event hours for Sunday are 10am to 5 pm, with gates opening at 9am.
Parking is $5, Adults $23, and children 6-15 are $12. 5 and under are free.

Active and Retired Military may purchase a weekend event pass for just $15.00 (tax included) per adult, which includes a free child’s ticket with each adult ticket purchase. (Valid ID required at the gate). —

Some activities you’ll find at Roar n Soar:
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2008 Nov 8 #14While it may look from this photo the skydiver is landing in the water, he is actually skimming the pond to kick up spray. It may look like an odd way to go water skiing, but the skydivers call it Pond Swooping. The skydivers perform the swooping and some smoke trail maneuvers throughout the day.

2008 Nov 8 #4aThere are some historic and unusual aircraft on the grounds. In addition to the Fantasy of Flight exhibits, also displayed is this Aerocar once owned by actor Bob Cummings. (Ask your parents.)

2008 Nov 8 #5One part of the airfield is turned over to classic cars. The majority are European sports cars, with a few Detroit muscle cars, and some classics from Hudson and other less-remembered manufacturers. Some of the autos aren’t show cars, but participate in a auto slalom race.

2008 Nov 8 #2One of the more popular attractions are the Biplane rides. These are rare planes created pre-depression to carry four passengers each. They take riders on 15 minute flights over the countryside. The planes stay under 1000 feet, and cruise at 65mph. Waldo Wrights staff members say the airborne planes sound like a Harley Davidson. (Rides are an additional $69.95 per passenger.)

2008 Nov 8 #7In addition to the items above, Roar n Soar includes a helicopter simulator ($5 extra per “flight”), vintage race boats performing on a 1 1/2 course, radio controlled airplanes, the Taste of Polk County restaurant area, and a kiddie play area.
Albert Berchtold of Performance Designs of DeLand explains some parachuting basics.

2008 Nov 8 #17

All photos Creative Commons License photo credit: Tom Hagerty