Noel Rosa Live in Lutz

Just a couple of miles off I-75 on Highway 54 is Barnie’s Coffee and Tea of Lutz, Florida. It’s about a 50 minute drive from downtown Lakeland.

Now, don’t try to guess where I’m going. This isn’t a call to drive to a coffee shop 40 miles away when we have Black and Brew and Mitchells. (Even though I can’t get either to sell me iced tea at 7:30 am.)

The headline should have given you the clue.

Noel Rosa is playing live this Saturday the 29th from about 6:30 to 9 pm. Rosa is a local singer/songwriter who happens to play an amazing guitar. Here’s a clip:

I interviewed Rosa for an article due in January and had the opportunity to hear him play one of his new signature guitars. A wonderful sound from a new style instrument inspired by Rosa’s spine injury. A debilitating injury that kept him from touring for two years.

Recently was cleared to tour again, Rosa has a new EP and has spent the last three weeks traversing Maine. He’s now looking forward to playing close to home.

Rosa first made his name in the Christian Contemporary field (mp3 sample), but his new work is taking the artist into the adult contemporary singer/songwriter arena. So, if you’ve never heard Rosa play before, you’re in for a new treat. If you’ve heard him play, you’ve not heard the new Noel Rosa.

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