First Results In, Obama in a Landslide!

Yes, we have the first results in of the 2008 Presidential Election.

It’s Barack Obama in a landslide with 65% of the votes to 33% for John McCain.

Of course, the numbers are from the mock election held this year at Polk County Public Schools. Ninety-two schools participated with students and staff pooling their votes.

Obama finished with 39,909 votes. John McCain ran a distant second with 19,617 votes. There were 1200 “Other” votes cast for the final 2%.

The Polk County School students have predicted the winner of the Presidential election for three consecutive races.

From the Polk County Public Schools Website:

“Each school has received a packet of mock election information and materials including presidential ballots. Elementary, middle and high schools will tally their totals and break down the results according to student and staff totals. Staff totals will include votes from faculty, administration, foodservice, maintenance and other support personnel.”

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