A Note On The Trib’s Black Monday

I’ve been a little busy, a little sick, and, frankly, a little mentally worn out (a condition I brought entirely on myself, I must acknowledge), so I apologize for the dearth of posting. I’m sure both of my fans have missed me.

You may have heard about the truly devastating Tribune layoffs that occurred Monday. A very good friend of mine, and a number of friendly acquaintances, were among the casualties. Here’s a decent rundown from Eric Deggans at the St. Pete Times. Notice his distinct lack of gloating. This can be anyone’s fate at any time. I don’t have much to offer beyond that, except to say that everything that I wrote here holds true and appears to be accelerating.

These are the most significant layoffs – in terms of specific positions eliminated – I’ve ever heard of at a newspaper. The Trib let go arguably its lead metro columnist, its editorial page editor (who had much to do with the paper’s forceful stances on CSX and USF-Lakeland), a long-time senior editor, its business editor, and a whole host of other core functions. People in these types of positions have taken buyouts in the past, but I’ve never heard of a paper actually laying them off. Think of them, and all of us. Tough time are ahead. As a country, we’re going to need each other.