Ledger Misunderstands Definition of ‘connected’

From today’s Ledger article: Final CSX Hearing Set for First Stage

Q. I’ve heard about plans for the Central Florida Commuter Rail project. How is this connected?

A. It’s not. The Central Florida Commuter Rail project is planned for the Orlando area, but has yet to receive approval from the Florida Legislature.

Come on Ledger. You know better.

“$9 million to build access roads to the new Integrated Logistics Center in Winter Haven – the mother of all rail yards – which will be built by CSXT.” — All Aboard Plan to Bring Commuter Rail to Central Florida Aug. 2, 2006

“By building the Winter Haven terminal, we can move our terminal operations out of Orlando and make available a 61-mile stretch of our A-Line for commuter services.” — Letter from CSX VP Richard M. Hood July 6, 2007

As a service to Tom Palmer, author of the piece, I present the following snippit from dictionary.com:
Connected, adjective
1. united, joined, or linked.
2. having a connection.
3. joined together in sequence; linked coherently: connected ideas.