Having Another Vision

It’s Monday, October 27th and that means Lakeland Vision is at it again. Yes, another opportunity for you to help shape Lakeland’s future.

I know. It’s a burden. Putting the city on your able shoulders and mapping the priorities that will decide how Lakeland will grow.

But, you’re a deciderer. That’s what you are.

So, Lakeland Vision needs your help again. The next two nights are the Goal Writing Process. What does that mean?

Participants will be asked to join a small group to work on a topic of their choice. Participants will review all of the community’s ideas related to their chosen topic, help refine a goal statement, and suggest potential strategies that will support their goal.

What Are the Topics?

Diversity & Community
Arts, Activities, Ent.
Education 1 (facilitites; funding & comm. support; higher & continuing ed.)
Education 2 (career devel.; programs & curriculum)

(I recommend Education 1. Say hello to Lorrie for me.)

DT & Neighborhoods
Economy 1 (business devel. & attraction; jobs; prosperous Lkld.)
Economy 2 (marketing & tourism; retail & sm. business; sustainability)
Social Initiatives 1 (family; health; seniors)
Social Initiatives 2 (homeless; social programs)
Parks & Rec.

When and where are the meetings?*

October 27th & 28th
Lakeland High School, E Wing
park in the North lot (intersection of Bartow Hwy. and Hollingsworth Rd.)

For more information see the Lakeland Vision site.

* – For a deciderer, you ask a lot of questions.

Creative Commons License photo credit: lakelandlocal