Ask The People’s Governor About CSX At Politics In The Park

In fact, chant it at him while before and after he speaks. (In the interest of civility.) C-S-X. C-S-X. No politickin’ without accountability.

The people’s governor says he’s coming to Politics in the Park Thursday evening. It’s his first real public appearance in Lakeland since the CSX deal became controversial.

Many, many people should ask him why he supports spending $650 million or so of Florida taxpayer money to help a private company set up its business plan, trash our city, and set back commuter rail everywhere but Orlando for decades. Particularly at a time when everything else – schools, health care spending, etc. – is cuttable. Others should ask him why it’s so easy for CSX to get a meeting with the People’s Governor and why he only realizes Lakeland citizens and business owners exist when he needs votes for John McCain.