Two Quick Lorrie/Palin Points

I’m going to wait until part two to have any significant response to Lorrie.

But I did want to make two points:

1) I asked: “If Buddy Fletcher went to the Lakeland librarian to ask about banning books and then threatened to fire her over questions of personal loyalty, how would you react?”

Lorrie wrote: “It never happened.”

As support, she then quoted the Snopes site, which said: “According to the Anchorage Daily News, around the time Sarah Palin first assumed the mayorship of Wasilla back in 1996, she initiated some speculative discussions with the city’s librarian about the possibility of removing some “objectionable” books from the public library.”

I will let you, gentle reader, decide if what I asked “never happened,” according to Lorrie’s own source. Let me just say, I don’t insinuate. If I have soemthing to say, I will say it.

And if anyone cares about the reality of this story, here’s a link that lays it out in far greater, and more damaging, detail.

2) I hearby amend my first question to read: “Do you think God assigns wars as tasks?”