Thank You Traffic Engineer


barriersWhoever added the barriers on Harden Blvd at North Parkway Frontage Road, I thank you.

The barriers…barely seen in the background of this cell camera photo…stop drivers on the frontage road from trying to immediately move over two lanes into the left lane of Northbound Harden Blvd.

There is a ramp there, designed to let the frontage road traffic turn right and merge onto Harden. The barrier also stops drivers on northbound Harden from immediately getting in the merge lane as they cross North Parkway Frontage Road.

The Harden Blvd and Polk Parkway interchange is one of our most accident prone intersections. Barriers and red light cameras will only do so much. We need something new to help improve drivers. Of course, I have a suggestion.

LPD stations unmarked at the corner. But, instead of tickets, drivers are immediately sent to a traffic school in the Target parking lot. Job, kids going to school, doctor’s appointment…no excuses to get out of class. The students spend an hour or two relearning what “merge” and “yield” mean and leave better drivers.

Creative Commons License photo credit: Chuck Welch