A Commercial for JD Alexander

I was watching a little ESPN when this ran:

Aw, shucks, his family loves him. But, it wasn’t the narration I liked the best. It was the text at the bottom:

• ‘The Ironman’ – Legislator of the Year 2008 by the Florida Professional Firefighters Assn.
I couldn’t find notice of the award, but I find it interesting Alexander got an award from a group opposing Amendment 2, the Florida Marriage Protection Amendment. Strange bedfellows, indeed.

• ‘Jobs mean more than prisons & landfills’ – JD Alexander
What? There are no jobs in prisons and landfills?

• “Education: The reason I ran for Office.” – JD Alexander
Whose? I’m serious. What does he mean? He was a one issue candidate?

• “Lower taxes, Less waste” – JD Alexander
The least meaningful phrase in all politics. Right up there with “We gotta play ’em one day at a time.” in baseball.

• “Alexander kept his word” – The Ledger 4/11/08
Now that was easy to find. It was in a Ledger article, Colt Creek Money Replaced, written by Bill Rufty. Here you go:
“Alexander said the missing money was just an oversight forgetting to put it in, but some Senate colleagues said the missing funds for four state parks, which had been recommended by officials in the parks division of the had Department of Environmental Protection, were purposefully removed

Alexander kept his word to get the Polk money back in.”

$3 million to be exact.

I also liked the last frame “Senator JD Alexander” and below that “Call JD Alexander.”

They neglected to inform voters what to call him, or supply a number. I have it for you: 800-444-9747.

In case you missed it, the advertisement was paid for by The Florida Chamber of Commerce Alliance, Inc..

I’ve always wondered how many voters decide who to vote for based on these 30-second commercials. The way the commercials proliferate, I guess quite a few.

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