Stuff The Bus Wednesday Morning

Crafting with Kids : Paper ToysStuff the Bus, the terrific joint project of Lakeland and Polk area Kiwanis clubs (full disclosure, I’m a member) culminates Wednesday morning with final donations and distribution of thousands of dollars worth of pencils, backpacks, notebook paper and other school supplies to area public schools.

We’re still taking donations – both of cash and product. You can drop them off Wednesday at the Hall Communications parking lot at Harden Blvd. and Lime St. before 8:30 a.m. The schools need everything, particularly these days.

Though Stuff the Bus is a massive clubwide undertaking, its founder and heart and soul is Matt Cantrall, whose general goodness always shames me. So big props to Matt for all he does. And we’ll hope to see you Wednesday.

Creative Commons License photo credit: Pinot & Dita