Plan the Trip

I’m not sure two posts constitutes a media blitz, especially when the second primarily points to the first, but here we go…

I sat down this evening to write a post about a project Lakeland Vision has undertaken. I usually start such endeavors with a little research. I didn’t need to search long as I found Cat Carter had already written what I’d hoped to write. That isn’t the first time, but let me get back on topic…

Carter’s first paragraph concludes “Everyone seems to have an opinion about the future of our City.”

Don’t they now?

I’m one of those “everyone.” It’s one of the reasons I was happy to meet with the driving force behind Lakeland Vision, Shannon Lanier. As the Executive Director, I’m sure Lanier has many duties. One I’ve experienced firsthand is convincing Lakeland residents to get out from behind their desks, off their couches, and out of their gardens to do something about driving this city toward goals.

But what goals?

The great philosopher Joe Jackson once sung, “You can’t get what you want till you know what you want.” That’s what Lakeland Vision is doing. Helping the residents of Lakeland codify what we want for our city. It’s easy to sit in the back seat and and complain about our politicians, companies, and media, but the complaints fall on deaf ears if we citizens aren’t driving the car. Through boundless imagination, focused planning, and cooperative effort, caring citizens can drive Lakeland. At least until it’s time to hand the keys to our children.

I’m participating in the process. I will act as one of the many discussion facilitators during the Idea Gathering stage. Lakeland Vision is holding a series of six meetings designed to involve as many citizens as possible. It’s time to collect some of that boundless imagination.

Above is a map of the locations and times of the six short meetings. There is one near you. Please attend. There is one near that co-worker who complains incessantly about city government. Print out Cat Carter’s post and tape it to his monitor. There is a meeting at lunch time. There are meetings after dinner. The only way it could be easier to attend would be to have a meeting at your house. Call Lakeland Vision…maybe they’ll even set up a meeting there. You’ll need snacks and parking for 50.

You know where Lakeland needs to go. Help plan the trip.

Creative Commons License photo credit: Lakeland Vision