Moving from Lakeland to Louisville

Southern SnowmanThose who know a little of my history know my family and I moved to Lakeland from Louisville, Kentucky. The other day I stumbled over the blog of a Lakeland native who has reversed that trip.

Chuck Anderson moved last week from Lakeland to attend Southern Seminary in Louisville. He’s been asked to write for the college student written blog, Said at Southern. The editor wrote Anderson will report on his experiences as a freshman at the seminary as well as other topics. In addition to his work on Said at Southern, Anderson maintains a personal blog.

I’m sure his family and friends will follow his experiences, and I hope they’re not too shocked when he comes home for summer break and mentions his time in “Lullavull.” The accent is far too easy to unconsciously adopt.

On Tuesday, August 12, my parents and I went to Starbucks for breakfast, then spent the day exploring the city. First, we took visited Churchill Downs and took a behind-the-scenes tour. What an interesting place and expensive place! If you want to see the race the cheap seats are expensive, and due to the location of the cheap seats you cant see very much of it. And the whole place is designed to direct you toward the wagering windows. — From Moving in at Southern Seminary

Creative Commons License photo credit: six steps 