Lakeland Budget Workshop

Lakeland Florida CommissionersYou’re concerned how well the Lakeland City Commissioners budget your taxes. You can complain in anonymous forums or you can do something about it. Take the time to study the budget.

You can get your first look Monday, August 18th. Starting at 6pm, the city is holding a public budget workshop. City staff will present the budget to the Commissioners. The focus is on the city’s programs, services, and initiatives. This will be your first opportunity to hear where city funds are to be placed.

The August 18th workshop starts at 6 pm, and will be held in the City Commission Chambers on the third floor at City Hall (228 South Massachusetts Avenue). If you can’t get downtown, the meeting will be broadcast live on the Lakeland Government Network. (Channel 615 for Bright House customers.) It and later readings will also be available as video-on-demand at

If you don’t like something you hear, you’ll have some time to call your commissioner and complain. The first reading of the Fiscal Year 2009 budget isn’t until Wednesday, September 3rd. The second reading follows exactly two weeks later. Both meetings start at 6pm, also in the City Commission Chambers, and also televised live on LGN.

Creative Commons License File Photo: 2007 Commissioners and City Manager credit: Chuck Welch