Fight Breast Cancer – Free Beer and BBQ Remix

The Save the Puppies crew has an update regarding the “Gong Show” charity event announced Monday:

To get more contestants the group is lowering the entrance fee: Pay $30 and $20 will go to the Susan G. Komen for the Cure Three Day Walk. The other $10 will go toward a reduced First Prize.

Wait, there’s more!

According to one of the organizers, “Every act gets to drink free beer all night long and eats free bbq.”

With one caveat: “You can have as many people in your act, but only 3 of them will be able to drink free beer.*”

Now, before anyone wants to perform The Full Monty they should read the fine print: “Your act can be whatever you think will impress the judges and win… pretty much no rules… but you do need to keep most of your clothes on.”

They need all acts confirmed by 8/25/08.

* — Don’t forget your designated driver.

Creative Commons License photo credit: Jeremy Fulton