USF Polytechnic Debuts Logo for Lakeland Campus

Today USF Polytechnic debuted their new logo in all its green, white and gold glory.

USF Poly Logo V

That’s the vertical version. The horizontal version is just as pretty:

USF Poly Logo H

Readers of the Tampa Tribune may be surprised at the prominent placement of USF in the logo.

For those unaware of the current address of the campus it is:

University of South Florida Polytechnic
3433 Winter Lake Road
Lakeland, FL 33803

(Astute map readers will note that the university is far off Winter Lake Road and probably closer to Bartow Rd. Any long-time residents know why it has a Winter Lake address?)

If you’re wondering where in Lakeland the new campus is being constructed. I have that for you also. It’s at the “corner” of I-4 and the East End of Polk Parkway. That’s about a 17-mile drive from the old campus…assuming there was an exit there for the campus.

I can’t tell you what that address will be. Based on the poll, I’m guessing One J.D. Alexander Parkway, Lakeland, FL 33805

Both addresses in Lakeland? Hmm, shouldn’t be too difficult to rename the campus Lakeland Polytechnic if USF decides to divest itself of regional campuses.

PS: Dear USF web techs. Please fix the forward for I know it should be, but the old version is still the second hit on a search for “USF Polytechnic”.