Meaningful Icons Return to Crime Map

This week marks the return of meaningful icons. Each crime icon again clues you into the type of crime committed. Cars for the stolen and recovered vehicles, a business building for a business burglary, a house for a residential burglary, a shopping bag for a personal robbery.

You get the picture.

These icons are part of the site I use to make the maps. I’m working on a set specifically for Lakeland Crime.

You can find the small map at Lakeland Crime or check out the Full Size Map at Crime Map 06/23 to 06/29 2008

40 This week’s stats:

08 Business Burglary
01 Business Robbery
00 Gang Grafitti
02 Personal Robbery
17 Residential Burglary
00 Residential Robbery
00 Attempted Stolen Vehicle
02 Recovered Stolen Vehicle
04 Stolen Vehicle
06 Vehicle Burglary