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What in the world is this?

It’s the Lakeland Local 2.1 I promised the other day. If you’re reading this at you see a whole new site. The big change behind the scenes was a move to WordPress to publish this blog. It means a new look for readers, and a lot of new options for the writers.

And by writers I mean more than me and Billy Townsend.

I’m happy to announce that Lorrie Delk Walker and Darby Critendon have moved their popular sites to run as part of Lakeland Local.

As Darby said the other day, it’s now Lakeland Locals.

Lorrie is a former journalist with the Ledger who now runs a public relations firm, Lorrie Walker Communications, Inc. She brings her Tales of the Delk Side to Lakeland Local to continue publishing her keen comments on Lakeland politics, downtown activities, media matters, and more.

Darby is part of Lakeland’s young professional community. One of the people we can depend on to help grow Lakeland sensibly in the 21st century. She’s an avid videographer who’s come to from DarbySea to showcase Lakeland events.

Sharing this space means readers will get a wider range of opinions, expertise, viewpoints, and styles. Lorrie and Darby got the same guarantee that I gave Billy. I’m not going to edit their work. What you see is what they wrote. If I have something to say about anything they write, I’ll comment on their post or write my own.

If you subscribe to Lakeland Local through a feedreader or email, you won’t see much of a change. The addresses will stay as:



You might get a burst of old posts today, but will settle down by tomorrow.

The format of the site will undergo some tweaks over the next few weeks as we find what works and doesn’t. If you have a suggestion please write me at fixthis [at]

Hat tip to Barry Friedman for the inspiration for Lakeland Local’s new tag line – Lakeland News Now.

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  1. Yay for wordpress! Looks good, and I love the new layout.

  2. Yay for wordpress! Looks good, and I love the new layout.

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