Florida Outpouring

I haven’t read anything in Cary McMullen’s Scriptorium: A Religion Panorama about this, but ABC News Nightline reported that Todd Bentley is taking a break, but the Florida Outpouring has not ground to a halt.

UPDATE: After this story aired on “Nightline,” Fresh Fire Ministries released a statement announcing that preacher Todd Bentley would be taking time off “to refresh and to rest” after having spent four months in Lakeland, Fla., leading revival meetings. In the meantime their Lakeland broadcasts on GOD TV are put on hold.

It’s not much of a break. GOD.TV announced Bentley will return Friday night and the live broadcasts will resume.

The break did give Bentley the opportunity to travel to Louisville Kentucky for “Healing Revival with Todd Bentley – LIVE from Louisville, Kentucky.”

I wonder if the Outpouring would move from Lakeland to Louisville? That city does have more flights, temperate climate, and a few huge auditoriums.