And in local media news…

It looks like the Tampa Tribune has finally started posting again to the Polk County News Blog. When it was helmed by Billy Townsend, the blog was an important part of the local news community. Whoever takes it over has big shoes to fill. (Just ask Joe Girardi what it has been like to take over for Joe Torre.)

So who’s the new reporter?

Jennifer Leigh. Not the poker player, that’s Jennifer “Jennicide” Leigh. Not the actress, that’s Jennifer Jason Leigh.

It’s actually Lakeland resident and WFLA Polk County reporter and weekend anchor Jennifer Leigh.

There’s no indication on the site that Leigh is getting a job with the Tribune. So, I’d hazard a guess that the newspaper is getting her services as part of the WFLA and Trib “converged multimedia news organizations.”

You’ll find Leigh’s entry here: Polk Schools Dealing With High Diesel Costs

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