Lakeland Local in Neutral

You may have noticed sporadic posts from Lakeland Local. Due to an unexpected set of unrelated events this pattern will continue until mid-July.

That doesn’t mean I’ve stopped tracking local news. While I’m not working on my own stories, each morning I am reading the Ledger, the Orlando Sentinel, and the Tampa Tribune. I suggest you give it a shot.

If you don’t have that kind of time, then at least check out Each day I’ll post links to the articles I feel that are important to residents of the region, but don’t get as much promotion as stories of sex, celebrity, or gossip.

I do have a couple of quick notes:

Dear Tampa Tribune – You received a lot of good will when Billy Townsend was your Polk County reporter. Don’t let that fade. Who is taking over the Polk County News Blog?

Longtime fans of this site (Hello, dear wife) may be surprised by this recommendation: add the Lakeland Chamber of Commerce blog to your reading list.

I like the approach Aaron Bates is taking with the blog. It’s pro-business, as it should be. However, it doesn’t read like those stodgy press releases of old, but has a loose, open feel to the writing.

Personally, I hope we get columns and posts from various members of the Chamber staff. I believe the Lakeland Chamber blog has the opportunity to become a humanizing peek into the organization.