Forum Tonight on the Polk County Growth Cap Amendment

School is out and you’re spending all day listening to the kids squabble over who gets the TV remote, who took the last apple juice, and if first in the shower means you get all the hot water.

It’s the perfect time to go to a forum on the proposed Polk County Growth Cap Amendment.

Join other weary parents and homeowners tonight at 6 p,pm. in the LTB auditorium at the Polk Community College/University of South Florida Lakeland Polytechnic campus.

Polk Vision will present information on the amendment. The word is they’ll cover various viewpoints about the amendment seeking to moderate growth in Polk County. Representatives from the development industry, land use planning, and the Growth Cap Coalition will be featured on the panel.

In the audience will be a resident whose family has been in Polk County for 100 years and doesn’t see why he can’t develop his land the way he likes. Also in attendance will be someone who moved here a fews years ago and wonders why we can’t manage growth as well as they did in Portland. Oregon or Maine. It doesn’t really matter which.*

If you’d like more information try calling Polk Vision today at 646-0439. But I bet they’ll be busy getting ready.

* – Resident profiles do not reflect you, your neighbor, or that eccentric person your sister told you about.